Ben Gallagher with his grandfather

Ben McComb and the importance of family 

As the countdown to the Grenadier Walk of Oman (reimagined in the UK) begins, we sat down with the team to understand how their families have supported them as they train for the expedition. In this interview, we hear from Ben McComb. 

How important was the support of your family/friends when you left the Armed Forces? 

The support family provides during service is impossible to quantify, the demands placed on them can be huge and the support they provide can be what really keeps you going at times! 

Can you think of a specific example of how they supported you? 

My wife has moved around with me for the past 10 years, often with limited notice and nearly always to a new area. She has done this without question and has simply embraced it as an adventure and made the most of wherever we have been posted to! 

Who is the person that you most admire in your family/friendship group? 

I most admire my wife, she has always been there for me when I’ve needed her. Relevant to the expedition is how she has supported me throughout my ongoing 9 years of rehabilitation and recovery from injury. 

Are you nervous about the challenge? 

No, I’m not nervous about the challenge at all, not in a lax or arrogant manner, or in a way that’s dismissive of the challenges we will face as a team. Instead, I very much look forward to it and see it as a perfect opportunity to showcase what people who have been injured can still go on to achieve.