Supporting those who served


Adapt and Overcome: The  team comes first

The Walk of Oman, delayed twice by Covid and reimagined in the UK, is the embodiment of our mantra of ‘adapt and overcome’.

Walking With The Wounded gets those who served, and their families, to adapt and overcome mental, social or physical wounds – to help them back on their feet, reignite their sense of purpose and make a positive contribution once more.

The power of the team and the benefits of familiar camaraderie between fellow ex-military have helped drive on our Walk of Oman team since they set off from the foot of Pen-y-Fan, with the aim of reaching London.

So it’s not surprising that it’s a team decision, to focus on making sure the team comes first, and they arrive together at the finish line.

As such, the expedition’s secondary mission, to reach a numerical mileage target, will come second.

All our veterans will walk to their ability as a group on each day to come.

And stage by stage will arrive together in good mental and physical health in London at the Anglo-Omani Society on the 21st October

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