Why we’re walking

Raising funds to support those who served and are in need.

Walking With The Wounded was born out of the hope and inspiration witnessed on the wards of Selly Oak from servicemen and women eager to overcome their injuries and get on with their lives.

We have taken teams of ex-military with physical or mental injuries to the North and South Poles, the slopes of Everest, walked the length of Britain and crossed the USA – to showcase this determination and help those in need and their families.

Every expedition is funded by corporate sponsors so the money we raise goes to the employment, the mental health and the care coordination programmes transforming lives and communities, reducing reoffending, saving the taxpayer money and supporting the NHS.

The Oman Expedition creates a new challenge and sense of adventure to mark our 10th anniversary year – and creates a new platform to raise awareness for the challenges facing many of those in the ex-military community.

We were honoured to be warmly welcomed by the Omanis when we proposed walking across the Omani desert. It is a country so closely aligned in many ways with the UK, particularly with our military. The UK supported His Majesty Sultan Qaboos during the Dhofar Conflict in 1972 and the UK and Omani military continue to train closely with one another today.

The desert and intense heat of the Middle East is a challenging environment that reflects the daily challenges of the men and women we support.

However, the rigours of walking long-distance paths in the less predictable British weather will still prove a challenge – we have halved the time for our team and their Omani guests to complete up to 400km on home soil.

Life does not always run smooth and like so many who served and/or have had life disrupted by the pandemic, we adapt and overcome and continue to focus on helping others get back on their feet.

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